Thursday, March 3, 2011

pay scales of KSEB officers

Master Scale
Existing Scale
13215-600/2-14415-650/6-18315-780/3-20655-890/4-24215-950/5-28965-1050/6-35265 (26 Years)
Revised Scale

20170-870/2-21910-945/6-27580-1130/6-34360-1290/5-40810-1380/5-47710-1520/5-55310 (29 Years)

Designation Existing Scale of Pay and Revised Scale of Pay respectively

Assistant Engineer,/Senior Superindent/Divisional Accountant/Senior Confidential Assistant/Fair Copy Superindent

13215-600/2-14415-650/6-18315-780/3-20655 (11 Years)

20170-870/2-21910-945/6-27580-1130/6-33230 (13 Years

Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Accounts Officer/Assistant Finance Officer/Junior Personal Assistant/Senior Fair Copy Superindent/Regional Personal Officer/Public Relations Officer

17015-650/2-18315-780/3-20655-890/4-24215 (9 Years

25690-945/2-27580-1130-34360-1290/4-39520 (12 Years)

Accounts Officer/Finance Officer/Personal Assistant

17655-650/1-18315-780/3-20655-890/4-24215-950/1-25615 (9 Years

) 26635-945/1-27580-1130/6-34360-1290/5-40810-1380/2-42190 (13 Years)

Executive Engineer/Personnel Officer

19095-780/2-20655-890/4-24215-950/4-28015 (10 Years)

28710-1130/5-34360-1290/5-40810-1380/5-47710 (15 Years)

Senior Accountants Officer/Senior Finance Officer/Deputy Chief Accounts Officer

19875-780/1-20655-890/4-24215-950/5-28965 (10 Years)

29840-1130/4-34360-1290/5-40810-1380/5-47710-1520/1-49230 (15 Years)

Deputy Chief Engineer/Cheif Personnel Officer/Chief Accounts Officer

23325-890/1-24215-950/5-28965-1050/2-31065 (8 Years)

34360-1290/5-40810-1380/5-47710-1520/2-50750 (12 Years)

Chief Engineer/Financial Advisor/Chief Internal Auditor

28015-950/1-28965-1050/6-35265 (7 Years)

40810-1380/5-47710-1520/5-55310 (10 Years)

Newly recruited officers in the pre-revised pay scale of 13215-20655 will be given one advance increment in the revised scale

Pay fixation rules are same as that in long-term settlement. Number of stagnation increments will be as in Government.


  1. Sir,is there any upcoming vaccancies in KSEB for civil engineers?

  2. Sir,
    Could you please tell when the notification for recruitment of Assistant Engineer be out?

  3. Sir, short list of Divisional Accountant has been published by the PSC. Would you, please, inform the number of existing vacancy of Divisional Accountants ?